Angela Wiggins is a certified coach focusing on transition and leadership
using smart systems and self-awareness to assist professionals
in accomplishing challenging, meaningful goals.

Angela is deeply committed to her clients with an attentive ear and challenging questions that will contribute to the achievement of important results in his or her life. A coach is someone who can remind us of what we set out to do and can work with us to keep building a way of observing and acting that is consistent with our goals. It is the job of the coach to leave the client able to fulfill the future that the client intends through active learning and change.


  • Set a clear vision for your future
  • Focus on strengths and build resiliency
  • Gather objective feedback and confront root issues
  • Align short and long term goals with values
  • Understand challenges and motivation in yourself and others
  • Experiment with new ideas and habits for change
  • Be held accountable through ongoing assessment, support and follow-up


  • Leadership — Serve as a catalyst for creativity, learning and collaboration; make intentional decisions and become more resilient.
  • Self-awareness — Understand strengths/weaknesses and your impact on others while reflecting on core values and identity. Improve skills of communication, feedback, conflict management and emotional intelligence.
  • Smart systems — Master time management, enjoy the present moment and design a process to achieve goals.

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