Maximize your strengths and focus on what you really want.

Individuals who master their strengths, understand their values, work to elevate their relationships and stay curious about the world around them become confident, independent humans. Creating space for what you care about takes earnest thought and action. Having a supportive, open-minded partner to brainstorm with and assist you in identifying your core challenges makes life changes more efficient and enjoyable. Coaching is collaborative. It's important for us to find out if we are a good match before we dive into our coaching relationship. The first coaching session is complimentary.

One-on-one coaching
for Individuals

Let’s strip away the bullshit to get to the core of who you are and what you want. We will visualize your maximum state of being by utilizing your strengths and resources to co-design habits and systems that allow you to focus on what you value most. Focused and thoughtful individuals are confident, have strong relationships and hold a positive vision for the future. 


Improve leadership skills, time management, team effectiveness and interpersonal skills in yourself and your high-achieving employees. Coaching creates a positive outlook, boosting confidence and satisfaction with life/work balance. It generates learning and direction towards goals with commitment to measurable impact.

Overcome your barriers and become who you truly are.

EMILY, PHYSICIAN, has confidence at work

“Angela’s practical coaching and brainstorming allows me to be more open-minded. From conflict in the workplace to things I desire in my personal life, she helped me approach problems and challenges in a positive way. I see a change in my confidence at work and others see it too. I am now involved in projects that would have felt impossible before.” 

Blake, Creative Director, sees engaged employees

“We see incredible turn around in everyone who has been coached by Angela — almost like night and day. Her outsider perspective and process confronts brutal facts, in a good way, and gives objective feedback for people to overcome their barriers in order to become who they truly are.”

JANE, teacher, is more self-aware

“I gained so much clarity about my career and relationship goals. I am more self-aware. Angela understands my needs based on my individual personality and strengths. I love working with her because she doesn’t just hear my words, but finds the deeper meaning behind my words and struggles.”

ELIZABETH, Designer & Brand Strategist, knows her values

“I identified my core values…the set of drivers that will remain my constant north star. We assessed the way I was spending my time to see if it matched up with what really MATTERED to me. With more energy, better boundaries and clearer goals, I’m able to be proud of the journey I am on, knowing when my body and emotions are screaming out for rest. Angela is a game-changer!”

Photo: Carter Andrews

Photo: Carter Andrews


  • International Coach Federation Associate Certified Coach
  • International Coaching Community Certified Coach
  • M.Ed Community Development and Action, Vanderbilt University
  • BFA Graphic Design, Auburn University

About Angela Wiggins

founder of earnest journey

My background is in designing creative systems of communication and efficiency in business. I've played the role of leader and follower in international corporate environments, boutique agencies and nonprofits. I've been my own boss, a teacher and a business partner. I've worked in collaboration with organizations and groups to make a mark on environmental policy, transportation, education, technology, creativity and healthcare. I've worked with at-risk children and young adults transitioning out of the foster care system. I am a military spouse, daughter, grand-daughter, niece, aunt, cousin, friend and godmother. All this has proven to be a tremendous learning experience.

I've seen change in myself and others as a result of hard work and diligence to become more self-aware, always pushing to be better human beings. It's important to know that the answers you are looking for are within you. Coaching assists you in finding them. I believe that highly focused individuals have the capacity to impact their community and build a more equitable world.

My job as your coach is to listen and create a safe place to learn, reflect and grow. I will hold up a mirror so you can see your true powers. We will brainstorm to open up new possibilities and I will hold you accountable to the goals you set. Our relationship starts with your commitment to grow, being open to learning new things about yourself and following through on fieldwork. 

Set up your complimentary coaching session to learn more about coaching and see if we are good partners for your earnest journey. 

If you are looking to have better teams, better meetings or make better decisions together, find me heading up the team at the Nelson Andrews Leadership Center. We’ve created the right place with the right attitude to support leaders as they engage, align and equip their teams to achieve the future they imagine. Leaders employ our world-class meeting and conference spaces to accomplish outstanding results with their communities and teams. Bring your organization’s next off-site retreat, meeting and gathering to the Nelson Andrews Leadership Center to Work Together, Have Fun and Get Results™.

Get started on your journey to a better version of yourself.

Coaching is collaborative. It is important for us to find out if we are a good match before we dive into our coaching relationship. Schedule your first complimentary session by clicking here. Do you have questions before scheduling your spot? Want to subscribe to my short newsletter (six times a year), where I share prevailing coaching topics? Fill out the form below and I'll get back to you in short order. 

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